Prymzia Series

Book I of Prymzia: Ravager of the Sea

Long, long ago a gift was given to the people of Prymzia. This gift brought protection and extraordinary skills to the people. But sometimes what is meant for good can also cause great grief and trouble. Some wanted to use the gift for destruction and conquest. As evil descended upon the island, a mighty hero rose up to battle the beast. He prevailed against the monster, but not without great price. Many years pass, but whispers and shadows from the past yet emerge. And dark foes assemble to awaken the Ravager of the Sea. 

Moving forward in time to a quaint little fishing island, miles from the mainland. In this time many wealthy families have decided to build their beautiful mansions on the island. But the only house on Divine Island that drew fourteen-year-old Luke’s attention was the mysterious  Corrinsen  mansion that sat on the cliff above his home.

 Years ago, the family that lived there disappeared. Luke’s imagination conjured up many possible scenarios until the mansion’s caretaker gives him an old book. “Read it and tell me what you conclude. Is it truth or fiction,” the old man says to him. The book of Carthia begins an adventure, which propels Luke and his brother into an underwater odyssey and lands them on the mystical island, Prymzia.  

Prymzia…what’s Prymzia? An old sailor’s tale? How is it connected to Divine Island? And what does it have to do with Luke? Readers who wish to experience this thrilling work can purchase “Prymzia: Ravager of the Sea” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble. 

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