Book 2 of Prymzia: Rebirth of the ReVelant

The Elders gave Luke, Frankie, and Emily a drink from the Elders’ cup and sent them home through the veil to wipe away all knowledge of the secret island, the pearls, and the Gift. Many years ago, Carthia sacrificed himself by encasing the sea monster, Leviathan, in stone to protect Prymzia. However, the monster is now free. After a fierce battle on the Prymzian shore, the beast escaped into the ocean. The Elders said Luke and his siblings would be safer on their home island rather than Prymzia. The same sea surrounds Divine Island as it does Prymzia! Why would they think they would be safer? And what about the Marsini?

Three pearls hover ─ one over each volcano, until now. Legion, the Marsini leader, stole one pearl causing the protective veil to shred at that corner of the island. With difficulty, the Prymzian Guard worked to conceal that corner.

Even though Prymzia once again had possession of the pearl, Seona’s anxiety intensified with every passing day as the stakes grew higher. When will they return the pearl to its proper place? Prymzia’s secrets must stay concealed. If the plan to restore the pearl fails, Seona fears chaos will take over. Will wildlife peace remain, and what about the old fable of the dragonflies ─ will they grow into dragons?

The Marsini, that evil horde, continue with their plans to control Prymzia. Who will stop them?

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