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All those minor characters—they give personality and flavor to a book. However, they are easily forgotten.

In the Prymzia series, the minor characters have their own stories.  The first short story from the World of Prymzia e-book series is The Potter’s Apprentice.  It’s free!  All you have to do to receive the free e-book is to enter your information below and click the submit button.

If you have read book 1 of the Prymzia series, you might remember Ember. If you do, I would love to hear from you on my Facebook page, If you have not read book 1 and would like too, you can find out where to purchase it by going to

This is also my website reveal! A big thanks to my talented son, David— for his hard work and creative eye.

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World of Prymzia: The Potter's Apprentice

The Potter’s Apprentice by T.L. Sanders

Please…not her! The Pottus game distracts Ember from her troubles. But as her friends discuss their trade-makers Ember is pushed into naming hers. Embarrassed, Ember begs her mother to find her a different intern position—a different trade-maker. When that fails, she decides to find one herself.

About T.L. Sanders

TL Sanders is a graduate of Kaskaskia College. She also graduated from
the Institute of Children’s Literature, after completing the 'Writing for
Children and Teens' course, and the 'Writing for Teens' advanced
course. She enjoyed studying the art of writing for children and teens and
pursued several avenues to hone her skills, both as a writer and
illustrator. She continues to write her Prymzia series and several picture books.

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