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While editing book 2 of the Prymzia series, I’ve started illustrating the chapter illustrations. My process with book 1 was to sketch in my sketchbook – take a picture of my sketch – upload it to the cloud – download it to Photoshop – sketch the sketch – then finish in grayscale. Phew! Lengthy process. Needless to say, though I love illustrating, with book 2 being much longer than book 1, most surely that means more chapter illustrations.   

I’m so excited! For my birthday/anniversary, which are on the same day—dummy me, I received a Surface Pro with a Surface Pen! Thanks to my hubby (my son picked it out – perfect!).  

My Surface Pro has cut down my illustration time and is so natural with sketching and painting my images. I’m also using the Autodesk Sketchbook program (love it!), and I’m sure that I will still need Photoshop for some illustrations. My process is to sketch using my Surface Pro pen in Autodesk Sketchbook (just like sketching in my sketchbook) – colorize my image using my Surface Pro pen tool, which has many brushes in the toolbox. Oh heck, go check out Autodesk Sketchbook yourself at (I’m not promoting Surface Pro or Autodesk Sketchbook. I’m just excited about them!).   

I’ve uploaded a sketch for book 2 of Prymzia and the almost finished illustration. The grayscale will be in the book. I’ll let you know when book 2 is released. 

Colorize with different brush tools
Formatted in grayscale for a chapter illustration for book 2

About T.L. Sanders

TL Sanders is a graduate of Kaskaskia College. She also graduated from
the Institute of Children’s Literature, after completing the 'Writing for
Children and Teens' course, and the 'Writing for Teens' advanced
course. She enjoyed studying the art of writing for children and teens and
pursued several avenues to hone her skills, both as a writer and
illustrator. She continues to write her Prymzia series and several picture books.

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