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I’m so excited to see Pixie’s Princess published as an ebook! I was inspired to write this picture book by one of my favorite coffee shop owners from way back before my little princesses were born. Of course, the inspiration continues with them. I finished the illustrations. Yay! Soon, it will be in print with coloring pages at the back of the book. You can find the ebook at .

About T.L. Sanders

TL Sanders is a graduate of Kaskaskia College. She also graduated from
the Institute of Children’s Literature, after completing the 'Writing for
Children and Teens' course, and the 'Writing for Teens' advanced
course. She enjoyed studying the art of writing for children and teens and
pursued several avenues to hone her skills, both as a writer and
illustrator. She continues to write her Prymzia series and several picture books.

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