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Christmas Angels

Twenty-twenty is desired if you are at the optometrist’s office. At one time, the year 2020 seemed so far off, and now, we are looking forward to it being far off once again.  

Because of the happenings this year, seeing family and friends is much different. “How nice it was to run into (so and so). I haven’t seen them for months, but now I’m wondering, at a six-foot distance, was that who I thought it was. . . well, I could only see their eyes.”  

The other day, I waved at my father from my car as he stepped out of his door to pick up his Christmas present. He hollered, “I can’t wait to hug you again.” I miss my sweet aunt’s contagious smile and can only imagine how my mother feels to have lost her sister. My grandchildren only live a state away, and I desire to hear them say “Grammy!” as they run up and hug me.  

What if we lived in the period before trains and cars? Or, maybe during the time-period of Janette Oke’s Love Comes Softly story? Ah, Hallmark and hot tea. . . sorry, my mind wondered for a moment. How hard would it be to live far away from family during that time-period?   

So, looking at 2020, my father texts a “good morning” every morning, and he posts his awesome sketches weekly. I get to see my aunt’s contagious smile because of my mom, her sisters, and my cousin’s posts of family pictures! I get to see my Christmas Angels (aka, grandchildren) create their Christmas paintings thanks to their mommy posting the pictures.  

Not being able to experience my holiday traditions isn’t so great, but I still feel connected and feel so blessed.

Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! 

About T.L. Sanders

TL Sanders is a graduate of Kaskaskia College. She also graduated from
the Institute of Children’s Literature, after completing the 'Writing for
Children and Teens' course, and the 'Writing for Teens' advanced
course. She enjoyed studying the art of writing for children and teens and
pursued several avenues to hone her skills, both as a writer and
illustrator. She continues to write her Prymzia series and several picture books.

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