I’m a wife, a mother of boys, and I live in Centralia, Illinois. I’m an author and illustrator of children’s picture books and YA books.  I love to write, illustrate, eat chocolate, and browse stores with office products and technology.  Oh, coffee and coffee shops are a favorite. There are two near my home, yum!  Occasionally, you will see me in one or the other typing away on my laptop and sipping a hot mocha.  

My picture drawing started early in my childhood. My kindergarten teacher liked my picture of two grandma’s drinking coffee. Not sure why two grandmas, but they weren’t stick-figures. When I was very young my father would set me down and show me how to draw. I often watched him sketch his cartoons and paint his painting. 

I enjoyed illustrated books! However, I struggled with reading. Daydreaming was my preferred story time. It wasn’t until I sought out books for my toddlers that I realized how enjoyable written stories were.  

I’m a graduate of Kaskaskia College and of the Institute of Children’s Literature. I started with the Writing for Children and Teen’s course and then moved on to the Writing for Teen’s advanced course.   

I enjoyed studying the art of writing for children and teens and pursued several avenues to hone my skills, both as a writer and illustrator. In the process, I sold short stories to Essential Skills, illustrations to a toy company for heirloom puzzles, and more. I continue to write my Prymzia series and several picture books.

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